Hello Art Murmur Patrons!

Thanks for coming by and playing, and thanks for checking out the site!

I’ll be posting the games this week; got to finish unpacking the ridiculous abundance of supplies I brought…

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Whose photos are in that feed?

Apparently someone else on flickr has started using the “abstract chess” tag, and while I like the look of those works, they seem more expressionistic to me..?

Something will have to be done, by gum.

Fix: Changed the tag feed to “abstract chess game”

Lost some games submitted by others though, maybe…

Greetings Neuro-Aesthetes!

I hope you enjoyed the distribution set, & I hope you see the link between this project/game and the topic of the conference. We may be a long way off from understanding the role of mirror neurons in making judgments about other people’s perspectives… Certainly there’s as much spatial-position-processing involved in playing Abstract Chess as there is “action based inferences about the other.” But the distance from theory to knowledge makes fertile ground for speculation, don’t it?

kandinsky improvisation 23 quadriliterated

Hello APE 2008 / Nixon Fans!

Hope you weren’t too creeped out by the deliveryman, and thanks for trusting a masked stranger!

The set you got is the last of the batch I printed for the Bizzarre Bazzar about 18 months ago, and the instructions have a sort-of-small-sort-of-a-big-deal typo…
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No Questions Asked

If you found a leather briefcase with 30 or so capsules, containing crayons and cards and instruction sheets bearing this web address, you can redeem it all for 1$ per capsule and 20$ for the briefcase.  Maybe a meal, too, if there’s a good story about how you recovered the satchel from wherever the car thieves tossed it…

A Sailor Always Knows Which Way is Up

But can you tell which way it’s been turned?


According to the internet, Allied forces in World War I used cubist paintings to break up the silhouettes of warships.

Jim and Jamie Richter have the story at their website, along with many more photos. What you see above is an artist’s rendering, which I’ve cropped and spun around a little. They’ve got one shot of an actual vessel with the anti-pattern pattern. It would have been a sight to see… I supposed there’s room for a Battleship variant of Abstract Chess… Something with a cartesian plane, where moves are made by linear equations and html code?

Things that need doing

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